CapWiz What is your Congressman Up To?

Posted by webmaster on May 10, 2012

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Resource: "AFSA ON CALL":

AFSA CapWiz MegaVote – What’s Congress up to?Have you ever wondered how your elected officials were voting?  How about the total vote count for Senate or House on a particular Bill?  Well AFSA has enabled the answers to those questions to be delivered to your email address with just a couple clicks.

  • Go to the AFSA home page and click on CapWiz.
  • To the right of the CapWiz feature is a box to locate your elected officials via Zip code.
  • Next screen click on the photo of one and then click on the tab labeled “Bills.”  Then click on any of the listed bills.
  • Almost there; click on “Key Votes” and then you’ll see the MegaVote link.  Enter your info and you’ll start receiving information.

Hopefully along the way you will have noticed a number of features the CapWiz platform offers.  We can’t iterate enough how powerful a tool it is to communicate with Congress.  Remember, they work for you and like any other employee, in the absence of direction from their boss (you); they will do whatever they think is best.  Keep them on task.