Doc Mc Causlin on New Military Education benefits

Posted by admin on July 1, 2008

Please read the note below from our international President, Doc Mc Causlin.  This has been a battle that has taken many years and it's not over yet!  An important aspect to remember, is that without your membership, we would just have four lobbyists with no backing.  We need each and every voice to back them, and bring our desires for increased benefits and quality of life to reality.  Taking care of you and your families is what AFSA is all about.  Without your membership these things wouldn't happen.

I will continue sending information about this and many other initiatives.  In the mean time, make sure you keep your membership current!  If you renew online or via mail, please use member number 797566 as your retainer.

Subject: Pres Doc sends re: New Military Education Benefits

The long awaited improved Military Education Benefits package has been signed and although its not the end to all our concerns, it does significantly improve educational benefits for our active duty, Guard, and Reserve personnel that enlisted 911 or later.  The details will be released from Hqs AFSA shortlyl.  This bill DOES NOT alleviate the problems with VEAP, retirees, veterans, and all those that served prior to 911.  I highly encourage you to pass this to your Div Membership Chair and those Chapter Membership Chairs for their use in briefings to ALS, NCO Academies, FTAC, and other groups affected as this is a significant victory for those members 911 and later and we need to flaunt that as an AFSA recruiting tool wherever possible.

I was dismayed at the lack of "look back" provisions to include those that served prior to 911.  However, I remain totally committed to elevate this subject at every turn and believe me, this dog is not dead yet!  Last Thursday nite I met with Congressman Cuellar and his statement to me was "this was a start to improve military education benefits for our military personnel".  I take that as even more encouragement to continue to fight even tho its going to be uphill from here.  With your help, we can win again.

Please assure ALS, Top 3, Chiefs, rising 6, FTAC, NCOA folks that you brief, AFSA was highly involved in getting the aforementioned elevated for discussions and eventual passage.  Check the On The Road Reports for last Spring and forward and you will see  my meetings with every member of the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committees focused on review and overhaul of the MGIB, stop Tri Care premium hikes,  and early retirement of the Guard and Reserves.  The "Webb Bill" was introduced afterwards.  We "killed" the Tri Care hikes once again and now the educational improvements have become reality.  Naturally, the early retirement of our very supportive Guard and Reserves remains on the table for my visits.  Our Director of Military and Government Relations (Jon Hake) and his Assistant (Robert Price)have helped immensely with their follow-up visits and they deserve a big thanks from all AFSA.  The important thing here is YOUR Association remains totally committed to those words in our Preamble to help our total enlisted force and their families.

APEN is alive and well in AFSA!  Pres Doc