Legislative Article by Terry Turner

Posted by admin on December 7, 2012

The following article by President Terry Turner in his President’s Comments section of the AFSA Team Tinker Newsletter, September 2012 issue has never been more applicable than right now considering the nation’s financial crisis and military programs in jeopardy as we know them today.  This article is repeated to simplify you contacting your elected officials with the best tool we’ve ever had:

“AFSA does an outstanding job representing its members’ interest on Capitol Hill.  But They cannot do it along.  Elected leaders like to hear from their constituents.  We have the best tool that we’ve ever had in the field to make this happen, CAPWIZ.  If you’ve never written a letter to your elected Congressional Leaders before because you didn’t know how or it was just too much trouble, CAPWIZ does it for you.  Go to www.hqafsa.org and click on CAPWIZ down the left side of the opening page and insert your zip code.  It writes the letter for you to both US Senators and your US Representative on initiatives that AFSA is vigorously pursuing on our behalf.  You can even edit the letter to change some of the language or add personal comments.  When ready click on submit and sit back and wait for an answer.  You don’t even have to sign in to the website to use CAPWIZ. It’s so easy and you’re part of the solution.  If you do this, and I hope you will, please forward me a copy of the letter and answers so we can show our usage and involvement helping AFSA help us - AFSA 985 President”