New GI Bill Announcement

Posted by admin on June 24, 2008

The new GI Bill made it through congress and if you remember the schoolhouse rock song (I know, I’m showing my age), now it waits for the President’s signature to become a law (likely by 4 July, 2008).  Below are the details as we know them so far.  If you’re receiving this on Tinker you’ll want to switch to HTML.

Many people ask me what their membership fees are used for.  We have very few paid employees, and four of those are lobbyists that make things like this happen.  They educate our elected representatives on our needs and convince them that changes are needed.  They don’t get paid a lot, but their salaries come out of those membership fees.  As you’ll see towards the bottom, those that signed up for the GI Bill and are still paying the $1200 enrollment fee will be able to stop that payment (I don’t know when) and that will more than pay for the membership.  It is more important than ever to keep your membership current, so our voice can be heard.  Contact me and I will help you get your membership renewed!

GI Bill Passes in the House

New GI Bill Overview

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