Possible active duty retirement overhaul

Posted by admin on August 10, 2008

Many of you have contacted me for information regarding a "new" possible overhaul of the active duty retirement system that may more closely mirror those of our ANG and AFRES brethren.  This is different than the previous recommendation to delay active duty retirement to age 55.

I will forward more information as I get it, and more information will be included when I send out the weekly newsletter.

From: Mike Carton [mailto:mrcarton@comcast.net]
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Subject: FW: Armed Forces News Issue: Fri, Aug. 8, 2008

As you know Congress is on the August recess/vacation.  The discussions surrounding the changes suggested (retirement, retiree health care) in the Quadrennial Review has surfaced again.  At this time the suggestion is a 6-9 month study which means it is going to be left to the new administration to address this topic.  Rest assured that AFSA will be working very hard on your behalf on all of the issues affecting and impacting your quality of life.  Please share so that other know of the issues and can complete their own research to be a better informed citizen.

Please refer to the AFSA newsletter from yesterday (8-8-08) for additional details.   Have a great weekend.

Mike Carton